Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blasts from the Past

Tonight I sat down to start knitting a new pair of socks. The phone rang. It was from NYC... I could see by the caller ID. I thought it was my sister even though I knew it wasn't her number. But it wasn't my sister, it was a wonderful surprise.

It was my friend Chris from high school. We talked for 2 hours. I haven't talked to him for over 2 years. Chris reminded me of how much my life has changed. When you have been sober for a long time, it is like a breath of fresh air to speak with someone who actually knew you when you were a drunk. Thank God I made amends to him when I was newly sober - I hadn't spoken to him for years then, but managed to find him to make amends. We have stayed in touch since then... not frequent, but fairly consistently. We laughed about how old we are getting, and he said when he talks to me he still sees a 16 year old getting high and dancing at the club. I told him I still see him in his striped bell-bottoms!

This morning I went to my old home group. I love to go there and see people I have known for decades. When I was talking to a couple of my old friends after the meeting, it became evident to me that I am more stressed out than I thought. I had to be told a couple of times that people were joking... I am about as serious as a heart attack right now and that is not good.

Even at the yarn shop, the owner encouraged me to stay and knit for a while - for therapy. She has known me for about 15 years and we have become friends. With her encouragement, I bought yarn to make a pair of socks because that is my favorite thing to knit. But I did not stay to knit because I had so very many things to get done today. I intended to knit tonight, but I got the phone call from my old friend. I am so glad he called.


Trudging said...

I am glad that he called too.

dAAve said...

at least you had the opportunity to spin the yarn with your friend

Mary Christine said...

Yeah, but I have always practiced safe knitting... I NEVER share needles.