Monday, December 19, 2005

A day

I had a day today. It was challenging. I tried to start it over several times. I closed my office door TWICE and called my sponsor. Sheesh. Thank God I am not one of those folks with over 20 years of sobriety who thinks she no longer needs a sponsor! As it is, I am a person with a little over 21 years who needs her sponsor and I thank God for her every day. When she told me today that I could start my day over again, I told her I had already started it several times, they were all bad days and I was only compounding the problem. Luckily for me, she also thought this was funny.

My sponsee came over tonight and after I listened to her - I felt better. This is the way it works for me. When I get out of my own self for even a minute, I feel better. She is in a good place right now and I am not so good. She also listened to me, which was sweet. She and her partner invited me over for Christmas dinner. (My kids come over on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas Day with their dad.) She said they are having a "lesbian dinner" and I asked what that was. When she said it was steak and baked potatoes, I was shocked! and asked her if she thought I was a secret lesbian because I LOVE steak and baked potatoes. She laughed her ass off at that!



Isn't it great when you can start you day over at anytime.
I see you,

dAAve said...

is that steak and potatoes served with flannel napkins?

Mary Christine said...

HP - you crack me up!
When I wore a flannel shirt to her 10th AA birthday, she whispered to me during the meeting "you dressed for the occassion."
Flannel napkins. What a fabulous idea! Maybe that should be my Christmas gift to them!