Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

My neighbor just came over and brought me a Christmas present. That is so nice. I think I will give her the pair of hand knit socks that I didn't know exactly who was going to get.

I have never lived anywhere long enough to get to be friends with neighbors before now. It is a real challenge for me to stay in the same place this long. I have lived in this house for 4.25 years. This is longer than I have lived anywhere since I left my parents' home in 1970. I have now been employed at the same place for over 11 years. That is a super huge challenge. Prior to getting sober I never worked in one place for longer than a year and a half.

This stuff is important for me. I am sure it isn't important to everyone. But to me, this steadiness, and this consistency are good. This morning I stood in church (a place that I would not have been caught dead in earlier in my life) and realized that I fit there. I am a member in good standing of my church. Holy Cow (sorry). There were people from work there and I got to talk to them on the way out. Which means, I am a member of my community. I live here, I work here, I go to meetings here, and I go to church here. Oh and I go to the gym here... saw a doctor from work at the gym today. Fun.

I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.


dAAve said...

that's a very nice gratitude list

Trudging said...

How nice!!