Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Smoking Dream

How peculiar. I had a smoking dream last night. I have had them before, but this one was odd and different. In the past, I have had dreams that somehow I am "getting away" with smoking one or two cigarrettes a day.

In this dream, I was in a motel room and my sister was visiting - which is extremely odd since she lives in NYC. She was smoking Marlboro cigarettes, as she does. She left the room and left a cigarrette buring in the ash tray. So, I did what anyone would do, right? I stuck the cigarrette in my mouth and took two very long hits on it. Then I smashed the remainder of the butt into the ash tray.

I got up and in disgust, looked at the mirror. There was smoke still coming out of my mouth. I felt sick. I thought about the 14 years since I last smoked. I took a shower.

Then I woke up.

Isn't this the most Scintillating Blog in the Universe! Weather reports on a daily basis (it is up to 0 degrees now!), updates on my work-out schedule, pictures of my very exciting knitting, and now a dream report!

Thank you to anyone who has read this.......


dAAve said...

I'm waiting for a post about ...

a dream about knitting a sweater while running in the snow

Mary Christine said...

HP'd -
Now THAT made me TRULY Laugh so loud that I could be heard all the way down the hallway at work!