Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cookie Day

Oh my. It is dangerous out there. I just went to the grocery store and it is cold, snowing, icy, and road ragey. The road rage is the worst part. There was an incident in the parking lot, there was an incident on my own street (and it is a cul de sac) on the way out of here.

I need to drive 35 miles (each way) to my daughter's house and pick up my granddaughters. We are making cookies today.

I am grateful for a good car.
I am grateful for heated seats.
I am grateful for the meeting this morning.
I am grateful for pretty snow even if it is hazardous.
I am grateful for 15 degrees, that is 15 more than zero.

And I am sober today - what more could I ask?


dAAve said...

I have a favor to ask.

Would you PLEASE keep that cold weather up there?

Mary Christine said...

I can do that, but just because you asked so nice!