Friday, June 30, 2006


A certain sweet man brought me flowers yesterday. All wrapped up in florist's paper. I don't know if there is anything more feminine feeling than unwrapping the flowers, finding a vase, cutting the ends off the flowers and arranging them.

My daughter and son decided not to drive through last night. I was glad because my daughter had driven 14 hours on Weds., and then turned around and was driving back, only on the way back she had her brother to share the driving, and to keep her company. So, I will get to see my son today. I asked him if he had any food requests and the only thing he asked for was "Chocolate Lucky Charms" - (YIKES!), I bought organic whole milk because that is what he likes. Today I will get other food requests - I hope he wants me to make pizza. That is another feminine joy, walking through the grocery store purchasing food for your children... even if the "child" is going to be 30 in August and heading off to war. Okay, I am getting better at staying in the moment, but I haven't got it exactly down!

This is my last day of vacation. I have had a fantastic vacation. I am usually anxious to get back to work after a week, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off this time. Hopefully I can go back to work with a refreshed attitude.

"The other steps can keep most of us sober and somehow functioning. But Step Eleven can keep us growing, if we try hard and work at it continually." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 264


Gwen said...

What a great mom you are ;)
The flowers are gorgeous ~ there is something special about the process of putting them in the vase. Huh.

Step eleven is a favorite but which one isn't ;)

Scott said...

hmm I don't seem to recall being in Colorado buying flowers for a great gal... ohhhhh, another sweet man HA HA! I am so glad you're getting to play mom up close and personal with your son before he goes... my thoughts and prayers go with him and stay with you MC! Enjoy your visit!

Anonymous said...

oh MC ...thank you for reminding me of all the times I went to visit my Mom years ago and she had bought me fave teas and goodies.
This post brought tears to my eyes.
You are awesome and your son knows it!Have a wonderful & loving visit:)
Thanks for sharing ~

Shannon said...

beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman!
enjoy your kids this weekend
enjoy the rest of your vacation!
one more week for me and we leave YAY

Carla said...

The flowers are beautiful! I agree that putting flowers in a vase and cooking for people we love warms the soul. Beauty in simplicity, sober-style!

Tracie said...

Lovely flowers for such a lovely woman. Your post about your son was so touching. There's nothing like picking up some of their favorites, is there? Gotta tell you though, the thought of Chocolate Lucky Charms and organic milk just had me cracking up. Kind of like an oxymoron or something. Enjoy the flowers, the sweet man, and the visit. He's still your kiddo, no matter his age, and indulging him with his favorite cereal is such a sweet mom kind of thing to do.

lash505 said...

That is great they are beautiful..

BigSkymAAck said...

Yes you are a good Mom. But Chocolate Lucky Charms YUK regular Lucky charms even sounds bad. Flowers are loverly. Enjoy those femine things. And having your son around


Beautiful flowers....
Enjoy your time with your family.
Make sure to get lots of hugs and kisses.
I see you,

Christine said...

how interesting---I went grocery shopping for my son and bought pizza makings too! It is one of the best feelings to be able to cook for him--yes, feminine is a good description--thanks

Anonymous said...
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