Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Flag Day

Or is this just another excuse to post a picture of my front porch?

Today I am going for an open water swim in a reservoir after work with my friend the rec therapist. (The triathlon is on August 6, and my training has got to step up a notch or two.) It should be fun to swim... but very very cold. But with temperatures getting into the high nineties every single day, I guess the cold will feel good. Then after the swim, I have a date with the wonderful man.

It is also getting down to the wire with the trip to Savannah. I still have to rent a car. My sister wanted me to stay in a room with her and I told her I would get my own, and she had hurt feelings! But I hate sharing a room with someone! Hate! Hate! Hate! It would be nice to save that $400., but I don't want to have a miserable time.

I will get back from Savannah on the 26th, and my son will be home on leave for 11 days starting on the 29th. It will be so good to see him. He is staying here at my house! Yay! Then he will be shipping out (literally) for Iraq. He will spend 32 days on a ship... he is going with the equipment. God help me please.

"...all alcoholics should constantly have chocolate available for its quick energy value at times of fatique." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 134


Christine said...

You have been such an inspiration for me physically. I ran a bit last nite. Picked up the weights when I'm on the tramp. Thank you. But a triathlon, wow!

Anonymous said...

wow.You are a busy bee.
I think you should just keep the photo of your American Porch as a welcome photo to bloggers at your is so welcoming!
About open water swimming,have you
ever read the memoir called
Swimming to Antarctica.Tales of a Long Distance Swimmer ? Great read .
I used to be a competive swimmer and
just LOVE the feeling of swimming in open freeing!
Your trip sounds good.
And WONDERFUL to read you will soon be visiting face to face with your son at home :)
Thanks for sharing ~

Diego said...

You have a lot of stuff to tell....they are wonderful to read...keep sharing....I love it....

Shannon said...

hmmm I didnt realize chocolate was an AA requirement... good thing too LOL
I am inspired by you too lady wow
I will work up to do run, swim, bike like you... I started a walking club so that is a step

Shannon said...

ps have a safe trip and a good visit with your son

dAAve said...

I'm just gonna focus on the chocolate. Thanks for giving me the justification in having it around the house.

Mark W. said...

Mary Christine,

I'm just now finding out that you are coming to Savannah!

Our clubhouse is at 1501 Eisenhower Dr. across the street from the post office.

There are meetings at the clubhouse at 7:30 am. every day, 12 noon every day (except Sun - 12:30), 5:30 pm (except Weds and Sun.) and 8 pm every night!

Phone number is 912-356-3374.

There are other meetings in town at many other places.

Happy to have you!



Oh I'm one of those people that needs her own room too but I asked dAAve and Scott to do some snuggle therapy with me so I guess I'll have to share their room for the day anyway.
I see you,

BigSkymAAck said...

Well I am with you not sharing a room with anybody. Remember SSC when he found out I was having problems financially making my trip to Branson, he offered to do the driving and we could share a room. I am taking Mrs C. with me I told him I would pass. I won't even share a room with her.

Enjoy your trip, and visiting with your son. I should be in the area a few days after he leaves.

Karen B said...

Hi Christine,
I must have erased your e-mail address, I just enjoy your blog. I'm Karen from Denver and I have come back to create another blog based on my recovery. Check it out! You are an inspiration with a great view on life.

Trudging said...

Can I still eat the chocolate if I don't run(or swim or bike)? Have a good visit with your son!