Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Morning at Mary Christine's

I have been to church, where I sat by a couple of ladies I have gotten to know over the last year or two.  That was lovely.  By the time I was out of church, the sun was shining madly and the day is perfectly spring.  I have flowers all over my couple little square inches of ground.  Multi-colored tulips in the back, now blooming for their eleventh season - I planted them within a couple of weeks of moving in.
In the front, the periwinkle is blooming profusely.  It looks so pretty.
Then there are my new white tulips.  Brilliant white, with the sun shining, doesn't photograph very well, but they do look very dramatic.
And then inside, I am beginning preparations for Easter dinner.  There is a beautiful leg of lamb for which I will prepare an olive and rosemary paste in a minute.

My son is in Ireland with his wife.  I currently have no relatives in Afghanistan or Iraq - and that feels like a miracle.

I am sober.  My last horrible binge was during Holy Week in 1983, and I was so sick I was unable make Easter dinner on Sunday.  My children were so little they don't remember things like that - but I wonder if it left a psychic mark.  It did on me anyway.  (And if you wonder why I remember such "bummer" things on a beautiful, happy morning - it is necessary if I wish to stay gratefully sober.)

Praise God I no longer live like that!

Happy Easter everyone.


Annette said...

Beautiful stuff Mary. I think our awful memories keep us humble and grateful. I am grateful to not be the angry person I was in my younger years. I am also grateful that your family members are all out of war zones. Thanks be to God. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Syd said...

Happy Easter.sounds like a lovely day!

Kary May said...

I remember an impromptu party one Easter Eve when my kids were little. All of my friends thought I should make it a tradition, they finally went home at 4:00 am and I played Easter bunny. The next morning, I saw my friends at mass and we were all so hungover. I'm sure it was a lovely Easter for my boys. This is my second Sober Easter in a row. Thank You, God.

Mary LA said...

Those tulips are glorious and I am so glad your son is safe. And that we are both sober.

amber said...

I just love you Mary C! Can i come visit? :)

Pammie said...

So glad the boy is safe.

Mrs D said...

I love your photos. I love your flowers and your food and your constant and unwavering gratefulness for sobriety. I can learn from you I think, to never forget what we have left behind. Thank you. Happy Easter, hope the lamb was yummy! xxx