Thursday, April 05, 2012

Where I am

This morning I have one minute to write this and then 45 minutes to get completely ready for work and out of here!  Good luck to me!

I was so fortunate to have a bunch of old men who were sober a long time around me when I was newly sober.  One of them stressed that we should enjoy where we are.  He was sober over 30 years and absolutely astounded me when he said he would rather be sober 30 days and be 30 years old again.

So, I resolved to enjoy where I am.  Appreciate it.  Try to relish it.

Right now I need to remember that on my new job.  I was accustomed to being an expert.  To being the resident historian because I had been there so long.  To doing my job like breathing because I had done everything so many times.  And in the last couple of years I was bored to death.

Now life is stimulating!!!  I am new to not only a job, but an office, a building, a downtown area.  I don't know where the nearest post office is - I realized the other day when I was trying to mail my Easter cards.  I don't know my job inside and out.  To compound this, I had Microsoft Office 2010 installed in my first week on the job so even Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are not familiar.

I have to remember to enjoy where I am.  I am new.  I can ask questions!  I am not expected to know everything!  These are not things that I would prefer, but I am sure these are things I can learn from.

I have spent 8 minutes on this, so I have 38 minutes to get out of here.  (don't check my math, it is probably wrong.)  Yikes!  

I am pretty sure I will stay sober today, thanks to the Grace of a loving God.  I hope you all do too.


Syd said...

Learning to ask for help is a valuable thing. Have a great day with all the newness of it and your new office and job.

Diana said...

I have been on that same path. I feel you. When I felt that I was killing myself in stupor, I contacted a referral service ( I am sober now, and I hope not to find myself back in an alcohol rehab center again.

Mary Christine said...

Perhaps you could get some reading comprehension rehab.

dAAve said...

Now, where have I heard about being teachable?

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

We want to be stimulated and comfortable at the same time. Enjoy the ride.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I am grateful for the minuteS you took to write today! Gratitude well shared is always worth the extra time!!!

Hope your day rocks!