Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watching it Unravel

That's a photo of a car accident I was in a few years ago.
In order to get up early enough to go swimming tomorrow morning I need to go to bed right now.  I also need to not be blogging in the morning.

So, for tonight, I can tell you for sure:

  • I am grateful to be sober
  • I am grateful my son is home
  • I am grateful I got to have lunch with my daughter today
  • I am grateful I have a soft bed and nice pillows
  • I am grateful I get to go to a meeting tomorrow to celebrate the 29th birthday of the man who took me to my first meeting.  I <3 him.
  • I am grateful my boss thinks I am funny and smart
  • I am also grateful she told me she realizes I have a whole "other" skill set than the girl geniuses I am working with.  And that her boss knows that too.  
  • I am grateful that hair can put in a clip or in a pony tail to get it out of my face and off my neck.
  • And for a treadmill when it is just too cold to go outside.
  • I am grateful that my manicure still looks pretty good after 2 weeks!
I'm going to bed.  


I will wake up that way too.  And if you are a drunk like I am a drunk, no matter how I "feel," this is a good deal.  A miraculous deal.  Only by the Grace of God.  


dAAve said...

Yo! Up and at 'em!

Pammie said...

I love that your boss "knows!" is a good matter how I feel!!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) YAY GOD! And thank you Mary Christine! I'm grateful for you!

Yesterday i wrote a righteous rant about my work and had even posted it ... DARN IT...before I realized what i was and who I was and what I had done. Took it down and got some gratitude going.

I appreciate your reflection of how it works when we turn our attention.

I <3 all of you who were here as I was first getting sober!!!

Have a wonderful and full of wonder day!

Syd said...

Totaling a car isn't fun. But you survived a lot worse and got put back together through God and AA.
Show your talent today, okay? You have it going on and the boss knows that.

Lou said...

Gratitude..I'm feeling it here!

ScottF said...

glad that accident only damaged the car :-)

nice gratitude list, all miracles of sobriety, that you can enjoy them!

Mary Christine said...

Oh Scott, that accident ruined a relationship, and I still have physical pain from it.