Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slogging through the week

Tulips, peonies, and dandylions.  The peonies are the only thing left from my house's former owner's garden.  My taste in gardens and hers were not very similar.  Those are the tulips I planted in the first weeks after moving here almost 11 years ago.

I am slogging through the week.  At a meeting at work yesterday a person I am coming to really admire said something like this:  "We are exactly where we should be in this process.  We are slogging through." Since this new process is what my new job is, it felt good to hear it described this way.  We are not skipping through it, we are slogging, and it is a tough slog.  Even the girl geniuses I work with are starting to have a tough time with it.  I am not happy that they are suffering, but I am glad I am not alone.

That phrase reminded me of the line in the big book that says we "trudge the road of happy destiny."  Not skip, not leap, not run.  We trudge.  Some days are happy, skippy, jumpy, and some days are a slow slog.

The real reward lies in trudging, slogging, through the tougher times.  We exercise our sobriety muscles.

There is something in "As Bill Sees It" about depression that I love.  I am three minutes past my time limit to write this, so I am not going to look it up right now.  But I will paraphrase.  We hold our face to the light, even though for the moment we do not see.

I am holding my face to the light.  Because I know that God is with me.


Anonymous said...

Is it a sign of our times that no one wants to slog or trudge? Every day should be filled with bright, shiny new gadgets? Does every generation say this about the others?

This is a great post, even though between the lines I feel your struggle to write it.

Syd said...

I have slogged through much with work. My heaviest was a 2000 page Ecological Characterization of a large unspoiled part of the east coast. But I learned a lot.
Hope your day goes well.
I wish the squirrels didn't eat the tulips we plant.

dAAve said...

Slogging and trudging are good.

Every day can't be a Doris Day.

Mary Christine said...


I am actually much more enamored of shiny new objects than my children. My kids are much deeper than I am.


I am sure your work was a hell of a lot more interesting than creating graphs in excel and importing them to powerpoint and making sure every single line is in the right place.


Why can't every day be DORIS DAY?

Mary Christine said...

Oh, and I really, really dislike squirrels. They eat the birdseed I have for BIRDS. Not squirrels!

ScottF said...

it does feel god to trudge today... to walk forward with purpose...