Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Work

Today was supposed to be a running day. I just cannot make myself go out there. I pulled weeds for 2 hours yesterday, and then went for a bike ride and my entire body hurts. I guess one day off training will not kill me. I just can't do it I tell you!

This is probably whining, or even worse, manipulation - but I am baffled about something. This blog is getting more hits than ever, but the number of comments seems to dwindle by the day. These days I get four or five comments when I used to get 15 or 20. Yesterday for instance, my blog was visited 63 times, and yet only five people left comments. I think that comments are the fuel that keep me going on this thing. And I am running out of gas. I just don't see what the point is if my only readership are random people searching for stuff on google. If I thought they were people looking for help with their alcoholism and that they found the link to Alcoholics Anonymous here - or some hope here - I would think it is worthwhile. But I have no way of knowing that. And frankly, if someone got here by searching for "An Alcoholic Drink That Will Put A Woman Under In Minutes" - really, yesterday someone got my blog by searching for this - I don't think my blog is much help to them.

September 7 is the 2nd anniversary of this blog. I think I will pray about this and wait until the 7th to make a decision.

"The essence of all growth is a willingness to change for the better and then an unremitting willingness to shoulder whatever responsibility this entails." -- As Bills Sees It, p. 115


Scott W said...

I completely understand. I gave up on my site meters, it got where I rarely ever checked them. A while back, because of a picture I posted a long time ago, I was getting upwards of 500 hits a day. I doubt I even get as many as 100 these days.

When I started blogging it was the hot thing to do. Now the newness has worn off and many have stopped. And more frustrating are those that seldom post. I am starting to remove links from my bookmarks.

Blogging is personal and the reasons are many to start, continue or quit. I count on reading you every morning, and I would be sad to lose you, but it's not about me.

Kathy Lynne said...

Hi Mary Christine. I do read you every day but rarely post. Why? Not really sure. I am awed and inspired perhaps. Feel I have nothing to offer to you. But I guess you told me:) I do. I get alot of help from your blog so I hope you continue. I'll promise to comment if you do. Even it its just to say thanks. Which I do.

kel said...

I think your was the first blog I started reading. I do not often comment, for many of the same reasons kathy lynne listed. I am not in recovery myself but I struggle with the drug addiction and alcoholism of my young son, and my husband is an alcoholic also. Not to mention my mother, my brother etc. Your journey has been an incredible inspiration to me and gives me hope for those around me that I love. I hope you will continue to share it with us.


Shannon said...

MARY CHRISTINE! YOU BETTER NOT GO AWAY! I too have only been getting about 3-5 comments a day, but I still love reading all of our blogger pals! I know for me I was not home this weekend, and have been very busy. I actually have a post that I have tried to post... LOL but keep getting interupted. Please don't go. I would miss you so much.
And I keep getting hits for " I love my husband" do you think that is people lookin for somethin kinky? LOL
I guess what I want to tell you is, please please please please pretty please with sugar on top, dont go
OK ???? : D

Pam said...

MC - DAVE -SCOTT MY home computer crashed. Can not post a blog. :(
My network at the office allows me to comment, but that's all.

I understand what you are saying sweet pea. Next month will be a whole year for my blog...I find that incredible. I agree with Scott. I love to read about your life each day, but when it becomes a chore....well, what's the point. Some folks take a break...maybe that's what you need. I'm just all about YOU being happy.

MEG in Virginia said...

I found your blog accidentally 3 weeks ago but keep coming back because I enjoy what you have to say. Commenting is not something I normally do. I admire your tenacity but really hope you aren't doing this for us, but rather for yourself. I frequently share at meetings because I want to, not because I'm expecting feedback. Thanks for being here for all of us. You brighten my day!

Syd said...

For me, I write because it is for me. It is one of my journals. I do like feedback and wisdom that I get from people like you. Somedays I either feel too happy or too sad to post--that's when I need to post, get to a meeting, talk to my sponsor and just generally be grateful for the simple things. Keep posting MC.

Christine said...

I gave up site meter a while back

I find I write for me and for others. Comments are good but I have to be ok within and not look for others to make me feel ok

Altho it did sting when I went to someone's blog and was informed I was no longer welcome there---oh well its not about me or is it--

Just how I'm doing it today....could change tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading, Mary Christine. I learn a lot from you.

Have a happy day!


565 days sober

Shannon said...

I only have 1 comment today : (

Barbra said...

Mary Christine, please don't stop writing! Sometimes when I read your blog I feel like I have been to a meeting or talked with my sponsor. Usually what I want to say has been said by someone else. And this is where I found Syd, Christine, Daave, Charity Case, Ginny and other recovery people that mean something to me now. And I love hearing about your family and so glad that your son is home safely! I admire your fitness and spiritual work too. Thank you for being you!

Scott said...

I feel your pain MC, I often get 3 comments, 4 comments, etc. It seems like I ahve a steady diet of readers but few comments, and I just looove comments. I for one, would be bummed if you went off the air :-)

green3 said...

You were one of the first blogs I found when my brother was in trouble. I would guess a lot of your readers are people who need help for themselves or a family member, and may not be so inclined to leave a comment. But I agree - comments are what drives us bloggers and helps us keep our energy going.

doitsober said...

In a discussion meeting, not everyone will share their experience with the group. This does not mean that they have not given or received something by being in the meeting. Sometimes, listening and just knowing is enough. It can be the same with reading a blog. Please also consider that many (most) people "lurk" and will never post a comment anywhere. Lastly, whether someone I am trying to help "gets it" or not, it is helping me. That's why I have to keep at it even when I feel or think otherwise.

Judy T said...

Hello Mary Christine,
I found your blog when I was searching for t-shirts with recovery slogans on them. I have almost three years sober and your blog is an oasis for me during the day at work. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength and hope in this way.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

Please, keep going. I enjoy your blog even when I don't comment on it. When you get discouraged in the future, come back and read this page.