Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

I am going to go out now and pull weeds in my back yard. They are out of control. I haven't wanted to touch them, but for some reason, this morning I woke up and thought I could deal with it today. It is only 57 degrees outside, and I got some rest this weekend so I can handle a bit of hard labor (on Labor Day).

My daughter and son left my house to go to their friend's house on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning I got a phone call - they are in Las Vegas. Oh, to be young. They will be back later today.

I spent hours on the phone with AA people yesterday. It was good. I got several reports from the state convention and I am glad I made the decision I did about going. I am so grateful for the wonderful friendships I have made in Alcoholics Anonymous.

"The only real freedom a human being can ever know is doing what you ought to do because you want to do it." -- Alcoholics Anonymous (3rd edition), p. 553 (Freedom From Bondage)


Scott W said...

I love that quote and I am jealous that it is 57 degrees outside.

Pam said...

LOL...57 degrees is the dead of winter here!
I used to could drive a long way on a I just like driving up my own driveway :)

dAAve said...

Well, Scott and Pam already commented on the temperature, so I won't.
Hopefully, what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.
Fifty-seven degrees, huh?

Bouncing off the Bottom said...

I love that quote, too. Happy Labor Day. Las Vegas, huh??

lash505 said...

you suck its 98 degrees in my house no a/c.. We are all sweating like pigs..