Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Meeting

I am heading out of here, as I do on most Saturday mornings, to a 6:30 a.m. AA meeting. I love this meeting. Today there should be a special guest appearance of the man I had been dating for the last year (but not talking about). He moved away in June, and I haven't seen him since then.

My son is downstairs sleeping. The crickets are still singing (is that what they do?) outside. The sun is not up yet. This is really my favorite time of the day, on my favorite day of the week, in my favorite time of the year.

I better get myself ready and get out of here. Have a great sober Saturday everyone.

"Anyone can get sober. We have all done it lots of times. The trick is to stay and to live sober." -- Living Sober, p. 2 (unmarked, but it is the 2nd page after the table of contents)


Banana Girl said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. It made my cyber world just a little less lonely. I hope you have a wonderful day. Oh, and keep coming back. I will.

dAAve said...

Early mornings ae my favorite time of the day too.
I hope all 24 hours is great for MC today.

Scott W said...

Lately when I wake up and sit on the side of the bed to say my first prayer of the day, it feels like I just got up yesterday. I have felt that a lot lately and it is a bit surreal.

Last evening when I left for dinner the crickets were 'singing' so loudly it gave me pause. Those little legs must really get worn out.

Have a great Saturday, MC.

lushgurl said...

RE:Yesterday's post...Please, please, please don't stop blogging!!! You probably have no idea how much you mean to me in my recovery, and as a cyber friend too! I get the-'I need validation' thing- totally! Some days, I don't even feel like posting, others I think well I just posted yesterday, who the heck is gonna read me again today!
Mostly I post when I can about what is going on for me and I have found that to be helpful. I also believe that in our own way we are holding true to the Responsibility pledge...
I love you- so stay!

Pam said...

crickets rubbing their legs together is just a bunch of noise to some people...but I hear a song in it too :)

Katia said...

Morning - I've thought about going to a meeting lately. That thought hasnt quite turned into action though.

Enjoy your day!

dAAve said...

I sing when I rub my legs together.

Scott said...

quiet morning time is nice for sure!