Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Morning, 3 Day Weekend, See You in September

How excellent! It is pre-dawn on a Saturday morning of a three day weekend. I am going to wash my face, throw on some clothes, and head out to a 6:30 meeting. My daughter will be here at 8 to go out and run 8 miles with me. Then Night Watch is tonight, so I will likely bake a pie for that - and those are my sole plans for the weekend.

I may buy a reel lawn mower this weekend. When I tell people that, they assume I am saying a "real" lawn mower. But no, it is a REEL lawn mower. You know, no engine, no motor, no noise, no gasoline. Just blades cutting the grass, being powered by a human being. We shall see if I do this.

I went shopping with my daughter the other night. I was looking at coffee filters and expressed delight and amazement at the idea of a permanent coffee filter! She started laughing and sheepishly walked away. I had to ask her "what is so funny?" and she said she would tell me but I might get offended. But I pressed her. She said "Are you going to pull your camera out of your purse and take a picture of the coffee filters?" - ha ha. I truly laughed out loud. It was funny. And this is just ONE of the ways blogging has affected my life.

The other way it has affected my life is that I have gotten to know, through your blogs, a number of exceptionally wonderful sober alcoholics. Here is a brief illustration of this:

In April I came to Texas for a wedding. Our dear friend dAAve told me he would be happy to drive me around Houston and that when I got there, I could return my rental car and he would be sure to get me around town and to the airport when I left. Let me tell you, I do not visit my own family without my own car.... and I do not trust ANYONE to drive me to the airport. But, based on the fact that I know that dAAve always posts on his blog every single day - unless he has told us he won't - I trusted him to pick me up, drive me around, and get me to the airport on time. And he did. And furthermore, I don't know when I have been treated so hospitably as I was treated by dAAve, Scott, Pammie, Zane, and other wonderful Houston Sober Bloggers.

I have also met Lash, Motorcycle Mike, and others. What a wonderful thing to meet these people. To sit in a restaurant with Lash, and having just met, and just kind of pick up where we left off - because we have been reading each others' blogs for a couple years - is so cool - and it doesn't hurt that he is REALLY nice to look at!

OK, I gotta get to my meeting. Have a great sober weekend everyone. XXXOOO

"Each day my friend's simple talk in our kitchen multiplies itself in a widening circle of peace on earth and good will to men." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 16


Pam said...

Damn, we have a great program that turns iresponsible drunks into dependable loving people.

Scott W said...

Meeting in person just deepens the bond we sober bloggers have. I seem to remember all of us having these great big smiles plastered on our faces. Heheeh, I haven't used the word plastered in a loooong time!

dAAve said...

Scott plasters me.

lushgurl said...

Oh I know how ya feel about 'knowing' blogger friends! I often talk about the friends I have as if we have hung out together for real! Sometimes AAngel will say "you don't REALLY know them"- but I do, and you know me too, and I have come to love so many of you that my life would be darker if I could not keep in touch.
Thanks for being here MC, love you!