Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Morning

Another Saturday Morning.
Again I ready myself for the Saturday Morning Meeting.
Again I put on my running gear and ready myself for a run.
This will be the last long run before the half-marathon.

I am grateful that I am sober and I get to live in this beautiful and peaceful way. I am also grateful that even though it is incredibly difficult for a 55 year old woman to train to run a half-marathon - I am so very grateful that God gave me a body that will actually stand up to this kind of punishment. This kind of discipline does have great rewards.

I love Saturday Morning. I remember as a child, it meant cartoons, and leisurely eating sweet sticky cereal in front of the TV, wearing your pajamas. Later, in my active alcoholism, it meant laying in bed, sick as shit, but not needing to make up a lie for why I couldn't come to work. Today it means hitting an early AA meeting and seeing my friends - before I hit the pavement and find the wonderful meditative properties of running 8 miles.

"...we can choose to try for a life of honesty and humility, of selfless service to our fellows and to 'God as we understand Him.' As we continue to make these choices and so move toward these high aspirations, our sanity returns and the compulsion to drink vanishes." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 88


dAAve said...

On Saturday mornings, I lived to watched The Road Runner.
Today, YOU are the roadrunner.

Scott W said...

Meep! Meep!

My favorite cartoon was Mighty Mouse. "Here I come to save the day!"

lash505 said...

that is my fav too. What a beautiful photo.. I will be there again soon.

Banana Girl said...

I am in Indiana this morning thinking about all of my AA friends in Colorado. Thank you for the picture which I sorely needed this morning. Good luck on your marathon. We 55 year olds are something else. MIghty Mouse, Underdog, Looney Tunes: Sort of follos the progession of every drunk I ever had. Thanks for being there and sharing.