Monday, July 07, 2008

The Birds are Singing...

And I am so intensely grateful to be going back to work today.  Two and a half weeks of vacation was too much.  I started getting so sluggish, I would barely get anything done in a day.  When I am working, I can get more done before noon than I got done on my whole vacation.  I definitely needed the down time, but now I am anxious to get back to my real life!

I am going to the gym this morning to run on the treadmill.  I have a triathlon coming up on August 3 and I have got to get some speed into my running.  When you are training for a long distance event, the training is very different.  But for a little three miler, I need to work on some speed.  

I checked my work voice mail last night just to see what kind of messages were there.  Well, they were messages of people telling me how much they have missed me!  Imagine that!  I am so happy to be going back to my workplace today.  Also very happy to realize that I am not at all ready to retire.  I have worked for this same employer for nearly 14 years - before I got sober, the longest I ever lasted with an employer was a year and a half.  This is sure good.

YAY!  It is Monday!  And I get to get back to my Life!!!


antimicky said...

...we insist on enjoying life.

There ya go.

Trailboss said...

Welcome home!

J-Online said...

Enjoy your day MC! J

fiddlemn said...

Hey, MC! Sounds as if you "Live and Love as fully as you can...WITH GREAT JOY!" I LOVE it!

Newbie Blogger, 34-yr sober
Steve E.

How do I get on the "blog list" I keep hearing about? Just a minute ago I got me an "Anonymous" blog setup. Nothing on it yet, but hold on! (Newbie...remember?)

Syd said...

I hope that you have a good work week. I think that 2.5 weeks would be too long a vacation for me too, although I think some days it would be just what I need.

♥Shann♥ said...

well have a good day back at work and happy monday

Pam said...

sigh.. a little 3 miler-the word LITTLE and 3 MILES don't go together little potato pancake.
I don't even walk 3 miles !
I'm so glad you are home safe and sound - well at least as "sound" as when you left ;)

BHM said...

That's so funny.I'm the same way.
I just had four days off in a row, and I'm rarin' to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess you got the batteries recharged! Ready & rarin' on a Monday, and your co-workers looking forward to your return. how blessed you are. By the way...thanks, you know what for.

Anonymous said...

I like the singing of birds. I want to fly with them.
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