Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Morning

This is a picture of Seward, Alaska.  I will probably be posting the pictures of my Alaska trip for years to come!  

I wonder how many posts I have named "Sunday Morning" -probably scores of them. Seems like an appropriate title, as I sit here at my little desk and look outside at the early summer morning world on a Sunday morning.

My daughter's shingles have taken a turn for the worse, say a prayer if you will please. Thank you.

Yesterday a friend called to tell me about a spiritual experience he had just had. It was wonderful to listen to him. It was super wonderful that he called me to share this experience. I listened to a 5th step yesterday morning and was struck again by the honor that we are bestowed when someone asks us to be their sponsor. We have such honors because we are part of the wonderful fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I am off to church now. I love driving to church early on Sunday mornings with all the other grannies!

Made possible by the Grace of a Loving God and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Have a sober day y'all.


dAAve said...

Enjoy and relax today.

Scott W said...

Prayers said. I hope she finds some relief soon.

And to you, continue to enjoy your Sunday!

Steve E. said...

Hey M.C., I'm finally getting the hang of this (that I should send a comment--NOT a three-page post! =grin=)

Identify w shingles I DO! And PRAY I did and do!

Gotta go practice my fiddle now.
Steve E.

Steve E. said...

Thought it was only us old guys had that problem. Hope she's getting medical attention--to augment the spiritual.

Also wanted to see why my address won't show up here.

Trailboss said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better today. My husband has had shingles so many times I have lost count. I can't imagine the pain it must be. Prayers said.