Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day

My beautiful granddaughters playing in the sand.... it is good.

I got to go to a meeting this morning... it is good.

I get to bake a pie to take to an AA picnic today... it is good.

All my children are within a 100 mile radius this year, and I am in the same radius... it is good.

No one in my family is serving in a war this year... it is good.

That we live in a country where young men and women are willing to voluntarily defend our freedoms... it is good.

That we get to be sober, alive, functional human beings... it is incredibly good.

Happy Independence Day to you all.

"The more we become willing to depend upon a Higher Power, the more independent we actually are.  Therefore, dependence as AA practices it is really a means of gaining true independence of the spirit."  Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 37


♥Shann♥ said...

Good morning and happy 4th of july! OOOH I live this pic of your granddaughters hee hee have fun today

dAAve said...

It is good.

Gwen R said...

Happy Fourth to you MC! We are at the beach too ~ love seeing kids digging in the sand ~ and my doggy too!


Scott said...

it's all good MC! Happy 4th!

BHM said...

Wanted to say hello.I have been reading for awhile & finally linked you. I read your effect letter & was hooked on your blog.I'm also a runner & really envy your trip.Running is always easier when the scenery is spectacular.

Scott W said...

It's ALL good.

Pam said...

Maybe "functional human beings" is going a bit far.
But damn we do try!!!!

recoveryroad said...

Hope you had a good 4th; freedom from those nasty Brits..! ;-)

kristi said...

I agree...we are very blessed.