Sunday, July 06, 2008

How Micky Ruined Blogging

Okay.  I have tried reaching out to him.  I have tried confronting him.  I have tried ignoring him.  But what I really hate is what he has done to blogging.  The quality of our sharing is crap and I think it is because he has created a hostile environment.

We are talking now about how we have an "issue" we are dealing with.  Or something bad happened.  Or something good happened.... but we don't say what.  In other words, we aren't talking at all.  

I don't care to have my personal stuff used against me by some insane lunatic from down under, and I am sure no one else does either.  I have never seen anyone who is so impervious to truth or reason.  He is just pure hatred.  And he uses the Sacred Scripture that I love with my life to beat people over the heads with.  It makes me sick.  

I know that this post will cause him endless joy and I am really sorry about that.  But our common welfare should come first and I think our common welfare is being willingly surrendered to a madman.  

Can we try to be bigger than that, or has the time passed?


Dharma Kelleher said...

Don't let the senseless rants of a lunatic rob you of the community of your fellow sober bloggers.

Anytime I see a comment from him, it automatically gets deleted. I don't bother to read it because it's more of the same sad insanity, not unlike the insanity we all struggled with when we were using.

Make sure you put in comment approval so that he no longer gets the pleasure of seeing his rants on your blog.

I'm grateful for what you share. It helps me work my own program.

Peace out,

Steve E. said...

Gosh, ya got my blood boiling already (5AM) and I don't know where to find so-amd-so's blog. But my morning prayer is for you et alii to have less stress today. God is in charge. Let Him handle the bad stuff? WWW stands for "What a Wonderful World"...Guess I shoould end this with "Amen"!

Thank God for you.
Steve E.

Pam said...

Do you have any suggestions on how to be bigger than that?
I've tried everything, and now he is writting me violent poetry...daily.
Isn't it odd that guilt and shame don't effect him at all???
A lot of the "hesitant to share" stuff comes from how small the web is now. We have a new blogger from Houston (4 million people)..come to find out, she lives right down the street from me!

BHM said...

Someone told me early on you can put key words in google mail so it goes to spam.Like "son of God." Look at the messages, he always has a few repetitive phrases.I put his address to spam,I never even see the messages.
As far as holding back,I don't really see that!But he certainly has his pants in a bunch.

Mary Christine said...

Yeah, we all delete his comments. We don't even read them. But it has effected us.

Maybe it is more a case of our own success tempering us. Our blogs get well-known and then we think about our audience - when we started no one was reading, so we had a free-for-all.

Anonymous said...

I delete his comments without reading them but it does make me realise how many sick cyberstalkers there are out on the Internet and so I censor myself more than I would otherwise.

At the same time, he won't get to have the last word. And it is a relief to have spammed him so that he doesn't waste more than a few seconds of my time each week

Banana Girl said...

Funny how the program is not working when it comes to Mickey, or is it? He rants, MC reads, gets upset and then complains about the rest of us not blogging with quality and truth rather than giving it over to God and praying for the sick soul of a man who is lost in his delusion and thinks he is directed by a loving God to do this. Serenity to accept....courage to change....Isn't that what this is all about. Block him if you need to but don't forget the primary purpose of this important 12th step work on the blogs. It works, it really does.

Syd said...

I still post the same as I always did. I delete the comments that I don't care to have posted. I refuse to worry about what someone else thinks or writes on my blog. The endless comments of 30 + or more have to be deleted which is a pain but it reminds me that I'm glad that I don't have the bitterness and hatred that motivates that individual. Hang in there MC and just write what you want.

One Drunk to Another said...

He may be impervious to our reason and our pleading.

But he's powerless over our prayers.