Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keep Coming Back

Keep coming back, it gets better. That's what a woman at my old homegroup told me yesterday. I laughed uproariously over that one.   The good thing is, she has the experience to tell me that, because she has been coming around longer than I have.  It was a wonderful thing.

Someone else said:
Suit up and show up.
Sit down and shut up.
Sober up and grow up.

Oh, yes.  That is the kind of AA where I feel comfortable.  I wrote my name on the calendar to celebrate my birthday there next week.  It is nice to be with my old pals.  It was nice that yesterday I got to sit next to the man who took me to my first meeting.  What a wonderful thing it is to know someone for 24 years.  

Then I picked up my granddaughters and had a severe lapse of judgement when I took them to the quilting store and let them pick out fabrics for their own projects (quilted pillow covers).  The 8 year old did a pretty good job, but I am afraid all those teeny little hand stitches are not up a 4 year old's ally... she ended up crying in frustration.  They chose beautiful fabrics - really beautiful, and I didn't even try to influence them (too much).  We will finish those projects today before I drive them back home this afternoon.

Life is pretty darn good today.  Sober.


Bill said...

Hi, MC...I'm catching up on blogs this morning.
I'm sorry you were in an accident. I hope all is well.
Congratulations again on your recent anniversary! I'm glad you made the trip back to your old home group.

Pam said...

YES..a HOME group should feel like a HOME away from home.

Laura said...

I admire you for having all those years in sobriety and that you have friends from day one. Any friendship lasting 24 years or better is a treasure and a friendship that helped save your life is, as the cliche says, priceless.

Sunday's best to you!

dAAve said...

If everybody sat down and shut up, would that be a meditation meeting?

Trailboss said...

Any day spend with granddaughters is a good one in my book!

Scott W said...

How about some pictures of those cuties at work?

Happy Sunday, Sober Sunbeam!

AlkySeltzer said...

You brought again to memory my old friend Bruce who 12th Stepped me February 1974. When he died I wondered how many friends I ever had for 34 continuous years. Starting to count, there were, well, ONE! My short "Bruce" story is at (steveroni blog July 12). When I spoke (20 minutes) the other night, it was to his old group where I came in, the Naples Group. Thanks for the mindful thoughts, MC.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Nana done good.

Lou said...

Hey,MC, I'm catching up and was so touched by your 24 years post.
You have a great style. I don't use
(just help others to:)but there is universal feelings to your posts anybody can relate to.
Happy Belated Birthday!

Syd said...

I like that the members told people to sit down and shut up. Good for them. Old fashioned AA.