Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Damn Headache

It went away for a few hours yesterday, but is back with a vengeance this morning. I will go to the doctor today, I cannot live like this.

I am meeting a sponsee at a 6:30 meeting and then we will review what she has written so far on her 4th step. God bless her. I think the 4th step is really where a person can have live altering perceptions... but it doesn't always happen. I pray it does for her as it has for me.

I went and looked at a Mac Book last night. When it came time to say "yes," I just couldn't do it. This is so unlike me. To walk away from a store, empty-handed, when I came there to buy something is not something I have done very often. I just didn't feel right about spending $1,600. for a computer last night. I think I will go look at a regular laptop and see how I feel about that. I know I want a laptop, because I want to take it to Alaska with me.

OK, that just makes my head hurt worse, and it is already so bad that I think I may vomit. This is definitely not fun.

Daughter update: She called both her exes yesterday and sounded like she was serious about getting to an NA meeting and detox, but then she disappeared again. I will get an update this morning I am sure. She is standing right on the edge, and I know that not all who lean this way or that end up in that direction. We don't all survive. And that doesn't mean God doesn't love us and care for us. I pray, I pray, I pray.


The Maven said...

I truly hope and pray that your daughter finds her way back. It must be agonizing to watch her go through what you know so well. I have three boys - the oldest being 11 - and with two alcoholic/addict parents, I know that they stand a decent chance of having a problem themselves. I only hope that having only seen us sober will help sway the odds in their favour, but you just never know. At any rate, you can only do what you can do, right? Serenity prayer comes in handy on those days.

The laptop: Macs are gorgeous and sooo nice to use. I, however, have a Dell. I couldn't justify the expense of a Mac, so I compromised and got this. I have no regrets. I can still blog/write/surf/play games :)

Good luck with your sponsee and her 4th. Mine was forever life changing. I want to do another one at some point when I have time. I think I would get a whole new experience this time.

Have a wonderful 24 hours.

Scott W said...

Sending prayers for your head today.

Syd said...

I hope that your aching head will quiet down. I also still pray for your daughter. I hope that she steps away from the precipice.

On a different topic, I have a Dell and a Mac note book. I like the Mac much better. It is worth the price. Dell technology has gone down and the IT guys at work don't recommend them anymore. Just a word of caution.

Mary L A said...

Praying for you - and for your daughter lost in her terrible addiction. Take care, Mary Christine.

Kathy Lynne said...

This has been huge for me, the understanding that God was always there, His love and light and it was just up to me to recognize Him. Someone said recently at a meeting AA time is God's time. I hope that your daughter may find the light while she still has an opportunity to recognize it.

Zane-nawwaa said...

I'm glad you are going to the Dr. Hopefully he can put and end to those awful headaches. Lots of prayers from Houston for your daughter.

Pam said...

I pray with you.
AND...I pray you went to the doctor today miss orange blossom.

dAAve said...

I'm here late today, but I am here.
I hope by now your headache is better.
I have a suspicion that your daughter is being looked after by a higher power.
I too am getting a new laptop this week. Let's get one together, eh?

Anonymous said...

Prayers to you and your daughter tonight. I have had a Sony laptop for 2 years and I love it.