Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Year

On this date,  I drove up to Houston from Galveston and met Daave, Scott W., Pammie, and Zane.  It was a revelation to me that these people were pretty much who I expected them to be.  I had never met Daave before, but based on reading his blog for over a year, knowing that he posted early in the morning every single day , without exception,  I gratefully accepted his generous offer to pick me up at the airport as I turned in my rental car.   He very kindly drove me around for a day or two.  I trusted him to be there and to do what he said.  And he did!  I had such a delightful time meeting these folks - I really would like to come back to Houston some time - soon.  

Yesterday I realized some stuff.  It wasn't very much fun.  And to top that off, I had my annual evaluation at work.  For the first time since my boss has been my boss (7 years), he was almost critical of my performance.  He told me that I need to do some stuff I have been reluctant to do.  Probably most people would have thought it was a good eval, because he is pushing for me to get the highest rating, which requires a bunch of work on his part, but I felt terrible because I know what he told me is true, and frankly, I am not real sure I can do what he wants me to do.  

I am also not sure I can run a marathon.  Right now I am pretty sure I cannot run a marathon.  This is a tough realization.  I am taking this week off running.  My left hip is killing me, I have open wounds from chafing from my heart rate monitor strap, and I am beyond tired.  I will see how I feel after a few days off.  I appreciate the concern expressed by some readers yesterday, but I am sure I am not ill - just a 56 year old woman with a full time job, a family, an AA life and responsibilities, a church life and responsibilities, finishing up my first year of Biblical School, and training for my first marathon.  The marathon training pushes everything right over the top!

Today I am riding my bike to work.  This is something I have loved in the past.  I am hoping it will bring me the joy it always has.  


Scott W said...

Be careful, have a great day and come back to Texas SOON!

dAAve said...

Are we over-achievers -- or what?

BigSkymAAck said...

You probably already have your trip to Alaska planned, You have worked hard for the last several years getting into shape. So who cares if your not the fastest runner or even mediocre. You may want go and give it your best shot finish or not. At least you had the guts to show up for it. Beside it would be a shame not to wear that new outfit for your marathon debut. Just like getting sober, suit up and show up.

I hope you were looking for words of encouragement. Something really cool to add to your great list of accomplishments.

Syd said...

Sounds as if you really have a full plate. I saw my sponsor nearing an anxiety attack last night over having too much to do. I talked to him about First Things First and How Important Is It and he was glad for that. Hope that you can get some rest and take it easy for a bit.

Pam said...

1. Come to Houston tonight. What time shall we pick you up?
2. Can you wear skates or something in the marathon?
3. Can you jog and not run this damn marathon?
4. Can you just run until you're tired and then stop?
5. Can you go and watch?
6. can wear your skirt to anything else besides the marathon?

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post today. It's Ok if we can't eat everything on our plate today. Tomorrow is another day, God willing.

Bill said...

Take care of yourself! I'm sure you started running for better health, so it would be counter-productive to run yourself into a disability.

It sounds like your boss has your best interests at heart. That's a very good thing; not all bosses do.