Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Yesterday I had the best day at work I have had for a very long time. The consultant and I were kindred souls, and we had a great time. She was able to go tell people several layers above me in the organizational structure things I have been telling them - and they were not believing. She also told them I was a "gem." Yahoo! Someone came to me late in the day and wanted to talk about how I was "vindicated." Well, I am not going there. Vindication is generally short lived in my experience. I will just be happy that I had a nice day yesterday and maybe I have gained some credibility that I should have had in the first place.

Late yesterday I developed a stomach ache, and I still have it, so I am not going to work today. This is the first time in a very long time that I have had the ability to take a day off and be sick. My bed is heating up for me right now (I have a heated mattress pad which is heavenly). I hope to sleep most of the day away. I am very very tired.

I did go meet my sponsee at the 6:30 meeting. We talked after the meeting. She is diligently working on her 4th step. God bless her.

My daughter is at the nice boyfriend's house for now. Her ex-husband calls me every day to check in. Her boyfriend calls me most days. She calls me most days. Her bad boyfriend got arrested the other night - while "visiting" another woman. My daughter is mad and hurt, and everyone is delighted that the bad boyfriend is out of the picture for now - and should be away for a very long time. Daughter is planning on attending an NA meeting with her ex-husband today. All I can do is pray and answer the phone when it rings.

And go to bed now. Woo Hoo!!!!!


kel said...

How lovely to be recognized for your abilities!! (note, I did not say vindicated!) Glad to hear your daughter is still safe and sober.

Trailboss said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Syd said...

The tiredness must be catching. Glad that you had a good day yesterday. And that the consultant was a kindred soul.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Enjoy that big ole warm bed today. You deserve it. Feel Better.

Anonymous said...

It is rare that management talk to the guys on the ground, I am glad you had this exposure. Office politics can be a bit weird though, ever get knocked back for a job for being too smart? Anyway, good job private!

It's always good to become ill when you are at work, or get sent home if possible, makes you look like a selfless martyr!

I hope you enjoy your day in bed. Seeing as I had my relapse on Saturday, I've been spending all week in bed, delirious and sweating like George Bush without an autocue. As I hoped though, I am feeling a hell of a lot better as the week goes on.

Everyone talks about meetings and the steps and I make no illusions that I know anything about them. As regards your sponsee though, what is the 4th step?

As regards your daughter, I am glad that she is at the nice boyfriend's house for now, I am also glad her ex husband is looking out for her. Even though my last relationship ended, we still look out for each other and will still be in each other's lives. Although we hurt each other, we both learned a lot about ourselves too.

I get the picture more about your daughter now. I hope she finds the peace and understanding we are all looking for, and that a blessed few of us have reached. My ex and I communicated for the first time in weeks today, and she apologised to me, and told me she realised some of the things about herself I had been trying to make her see.

I hope you enjoyed your day, I will check in on you regularly.


Mocha xxx

Scott W said...

I posted a comment, then got an error message, so I don't know if it went through. Anyway, if it did you know, if it didn't you still know. :-)

Pam said...

I think vidication is SWEET.
I'm sorry about your tummy :(
You are braver than I. I can't answer my phone when everyone is calling me about one of the kids.