Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning

Do you want to hear a news flash?  I had a terrible 10 mile run yesterday - at the slowest pace I have ever run.  I think perhaps my discouragement about this may be way out of proportion.  I am extremely discouraged, at this point I have no idea how I can run a marathon in 7 weeks.   I think I am just extremely tired.  I think I am MUCH too old for this kind of torture.  

I talked with a friend yesterday and she told me she has begun going to a meeting I used to attend.  I think I am going to add this one to my meeting schedule.  I was there on the first day they met - in fact, I named the group!  If I had woken earlier this morning, I would have gone this morning... but as I said in the first paragraph, I am really tired.  

I also talked with my sponsor yesterday.  I am so grateful for this woman.  I have two sponsees in crisis right now and it was good to talk with my sponsor about it.  It doesn't hurt that usually we (my sponsor and I) are on the same page about just about everything.  

"...I can give thanks for present pain nevertheless.  I find the willingness to do this by contemplating the lessons learned from past suffering -- lessons which have led to the blessings I now enjoy.  I can remember how the agonies of alcoholism, the pain of rebellion and thwarted pride, have often led me to God's grace, and so to a new freedom."  -- As Bill Sees It, p. 266


dAAve said...

Possibly after your Alaska trip, you may want tot consider retiring from competitive running.
Until then, give it all you got, girl!!

Syd said...

I talk to my sponsor every day. He is generally on the mark with things. I have unwilling sponsees right now. I'm just letting them do their thing. It's a great program but you have to work it.

Mark said...


I read you often because you have what I respect, an honest recovery program.

There is a "theme" in your sharing. You seem to be tired more often than me!

I read you and I begin to feel tired myself...

So - tired. Tired! Very often!!

I know you have other challenges and I know you're in touch with medical professionals. If (big IF) I were living in your shoes, I want to find the answer to so much "tired." I have the feeling perhaps the medical folks might have the answer - but I don't know. It's just a thought...

Take Care,


Kathy Lynne said...

I recently heard that pain is the stepping stone of spiritual growth.

Scott said...

sorry for the tough time getting the marathon times going... perhaps this too shall pass??

going back to your AA roots.. that'll be nice!