Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Morning

There was a bombing at the start of a Marathon in Sri Lanka this morning. I hope there won't be one at the start of my half-marathon this morning. Although I could get out of running 13.1 miles if there was some sort of catastrophe. But I don't WANT to get out of running 13.1 miles, do I? No. I don't.

I went to a social event of my AA group last night. It was very nice. I probably ate too much and not too nutritiously for a night before a race. I have been feeling sort of alienated from a large part of that group lately. It was nice to sit next to my friend H., and talk to my friend R. (who reads my blog!) and share stories, jokes, and food.

I hope I get some energy before this race. Right now it is 25º and I cannot imagine that I am going to be sweating in a few hours. It is so hard to dress appropriately for a race.

Let's all stay sober today, OK?

p.s. Scott, on a Mac, "alt0" makes a degree sign. "Alt0186" makes this: º¡•§


Scott W said...

I don't know what that means, but am hopeful it will come in handy some day.

Have a safe race.

dAAve said...

If you work your program today, you probably won't get bombed.
Good luck and don't break a leg.

Hi "R".

Pam said...

Maybe that symbol could represent a really vulgar that you would not use, but you could use the symbol instead. Just a suggestions.
Gosh, I wish you could just walk for those 13 miles...why the big hurry????

Syd said...

MC, I forgot to tell you on the Saturday comment that I'm glad your daughter is doing better. Glad that she is safe and that she is realizing that being clean might not be a bad idea. Hopefully, she will continue to improve and realize that she can just be in today and not beat herself up over the past.