Saturday, April 05, 2008

What a difference a week makes

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go buy the new computer I have wanted for years.  I plugged it in - but could not get internet access.  Thankfully, I decided to not worry about it and just let it be.  This morning I woke up with an intuitive thought - and it worked.  I now have internet access on this little baby.  On Monday I will get a wireless router (whatever!) and will have wireless internet access at home.  How fun!

After the 6:30 meeting this morning, I will drive across town to register for a half marathon tomorrow.  A friend and I will run this 13.1 miles.  I am really looking forward to it.  

I spoke with my daughter yesterday.  She sounds clean and sober - which means for the moment that she sounds devastated and sad.  She is incredibly sorrowful, which is entirely appropriate.  She has now lost nearly everything.  She has lost custody of her children, and there is even a restraining order so that she cannot see them.  Her car is impounded.  She lost her house a couple of years ago...  but she still has places to go.  She is staying with her nice former boyfriend and waiting to get into rehab (again).  I have hope for her, but I don't think a loving mother ever loses hope for her children.  Especially not my beloved Meggie.   

I am grateful it is this Saturday morning and not last Saturday morning. 

Thank God for hope, because sometimes it is all we have to get us through.  

I am full of hope this morning.  And gratitude.  


dAAve said...

I guess it's true. This Too Shall Pass.

congrats on the computer.

Pam said...

Maybe it's "her turn" darlin....maybe FINALLY IT'S M's TURN TO "get it". God, I hope so.

Scott W said...

Ahhhh. The sound of exhaling.

Syd said...

It looks like a .....Mac ibook. I think that it must be. Good choice, MC. I really like mine. Really good choice.

Christine said...

nope, never lost hope and won't. Its but awful and thrilling to allow them their consequences and know recovery and the light going on in their eyes may come soon...