Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

Pammie asked me a bunch of questions yesterday - I am in a hurry this morning, so I will answer her questions:
1.  Come to Houston tonight:  Oh, how I wish I could!
2.  Can you wear skates or something in the marathon?  Nope.
3.  Can you jog and not run this damn marathon?  You should see me "run", it is not exactly blinding speed.
4.  Can you just run until you're tired and then stop?  Then I would never start!
5.  Can you go and watch?  Yep.
6.  Can you wear your skirt to anything else besides the marathon?  Yep.  I now wear it almost every night after work - it is so comfy - and cute!

I am assured by the folks who actually DO run marathons that being discouraged is part of the process.  I am not so sure that my discouragement is not reality based.  I will have some decisions to make and I find the prospect daunting.

I will still go to Anchorage.  I have my tickets already and I am really looking forward to going to Alaska.  I have a train trip booked to go to Denali National Park and stay there for a couple of days.  I have already paid for that and I am definitely going.  

I can run a half-marathon if I cannot run a full marathon.  It will be OK.  It is just hard when you are this age - if I do not run a marathon this year, I will never do it.  I am old as it is, and I am getting older every year.  This is not self-pity - this is reality.  

Now I am off to a meeting and to meet a sponsee.  Thank God for AA and the people in it.  Whenever I start thinking all of this is a 'problem', I find that on the scale of 'problems,' this is pretty low on the list!


dAAve said...

Please don't tell me you're old. I'm right behind you -- just 2 years.
I don't know of anyone with whom I'd trade problems with.

The Sober Alcoholic Soldier said...

Don't worry you are not nagging me. I appreciate all of your comments. And I am definetly going to more meetings. Unfortunately I live out in the middle of nowhere, it is 50 miles to the nearest town, and with my work schedule I am only able to go to one meeting a week. But, I am talking to my sponsor everyday. Again thank you for caring.

Syd said...

MC, I don't think of you as old. You have more energy than most 25 year olds. Have you talked to a marathon coach such as Art Lieberman? He is pretty good and coaches a lot of people via email and phone.

Scott W said...

You will not regret that trip to Denali.

And not that it matters to anyone, but I cannot fathom the desire to run a marathon, or even down the street.