Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning

I am having a hard time getting started today. I have to give my quarterly report to governing body this morning and I need to look sharp and be sharp. I feel like I would rather stay home in bed and watch movies that I have downloaded onto my new computer. I may see if I can take the afternoon off. Someone is going to be in town this afternoon, and I would dearly love to spend a few hours with him.

Thank you for your comments about my new blog name. It really was hard to let go of my old name. But I feel much better about the new one.

I talked with my daughter yesterday. Since she hadn't called all weekend, I thought it was reasonable to ask if she was still clean. Well, yes, but not for as long as she was last week. She had found a "nice big baggie" in her makeup and decided it would be appropriate to use the contents. She is feeling pretty bad about that. She asked me what she should do - she said she is 100% committed to being clean until she hits the slightest bump in the road, and she always throws in the towel. She asked how she can get strong enough to get through these times. I told her she would never be strong enough. She is powerless. The power must come from God. I could hear her saying "yeah, yeah, yeah..." Maybe this is why a mother is not the one who should be talking to her daughter about her addiction.

I better get my day in gear. Wish me good luck with my quarterly report!


Scott W said...

Wishing you luck, but I think you will do well on your own.

Zane-nawwaa said...

What Scott said. Hope you get the afternoon off to spend with your friend.

Pam said...

bless her heart.
don't you wish you could say "darlin' take a nap, I'll do the work for you, and then I'll wake you up when life gets easy."
thinking of you..little soft tofu.

dAAve said...

Step 2 is soooooooooo important. It took me a while to comprehend it.