Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blizzard! and oh, and I think I am going to live...

View from the front porch this morning. The snow is really coming down. It is technically a blizzard since the wind is blowing. We are supposed to get up to 20 inches of snow today. As you can see, there are a couple of inches now, but it is blowing around, so there are the beginnings of drifts around. Expect more pictures...

I am still not well. I am still not going to work today because I would not appreciate me coming to work if I were someone else. I am totally socially unacceptable with dripping snot and sickeningly "productive" coughing. But I feel so much better! Yesterday I really thought for a couple of hours that I might have pneumonia and might be dying. Yes, I am an alcoholic, and yes, I have quite the natural flair for drama, but MAN, I was SICK.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter came over and brought me some herbal cold remedy. I talked her into taking me to Target to do some quick Christmas shopping for my granddaughters. In less than an hour, I got enough stuff to put under my tree so it looks like a certain jolly old elf (from the North Pole, or Montana, or wherever) took note of my beautiful Olivia and Madeline.

I am so grateful to be among the living again. I am still sitting in my jammies, I am still sick and disgusting, leaving trails of kleenex, etc., I haven't washed my hair since Saturday, I haven't run since Friday - BUT! I am having a cup of coffee for the first time in days, I am looking forward to being myself again, I have a Christmas tree with gifts for the children underneath, I have friends in AA who have called me to check on me and offered their help, it is a real, honest to goodness blizzard out there, and I don't have to go out in it.

"Regardless of worldy success or failure, regardless of pain or joy, regardless of sickness or health or even of death itself, a new life of endless possibilities can be lived if we are willing to continue our awakening, through the practice of AA's Twelve Steps." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 8


Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Good Morning, Ain't it grand!!

I drove into work today, and it isn't pretty out there on the streets. I probably won't stay for more than 1/2 a day, then hole up tomorrow at home. I'm gonna post pics too, that way those Texicans will have to believe us.

Stay warm, stay sober, stay sane.


Anonymous said...

there was something about your post that just put a few tears in my eyes just have a natural way of dealing with things,one day at a time..I just love that about you.
happy jammies day:) hope you feel better soon..I will be back later to see more pictures of your blizzard..keep warm:)
thanks for sharing you beautiful human you!

dAAve said...

Sure glad to hear (read) that you're better, dear.
That picture is FANTASTIC. It looks like a painting.

For you amd Mike (and whoever) ...
Temp range in Houston today is 68-74

Scott W said...

Aaahh, it's all good. Except for the hair thing...YUK!

Shannon said...

I am really glad you are feeling better! I cant believe you went Christmas shopping yesterday though ahahhaha
and I can sooo relate to the DRAMA of being so sick you think you are gonna die.. LOL

please keep getting better and stay warm.

Sober @ Sundown said...

"dripping snot"..... Ha, I didn't think it was in you! It's nice to know that I am not the only alcoholic out there with a flair for drama.

recoveryroad said...

Snot rocks!

GWS. :-)


Well I certainly hope you feel better and are safe today. I personally think you are crazy for going to work but that's just me. I've been on antibiotics now for about 7 days and I'm just getting around to feeling myself. Christmas shopping...what is that? Do you have to spend money to do that? Probably not for me.
I love you MC,

Designer Girl said...

I'm with Shannon—what were you thinking, going out there when you were so sick to do Christmas shopping??? On the other hand, I totally get it, and probably would have done the same. Darn us alcoholics!

I do believe you have turned the corner on this illness, though. If you're able to drink coffee again, there is hope.

Keep taking care of yourself, and STOP going out in this weather!!!

Christine said...

a new life of endless possibilities

so glad you are feeling better if not yet socially acceptable---thank God for puters

stay well and weller

smiling at you!

Scott said...

Hey MC, glad to hear that you're coming round the bend with your sickness! Just in time for 20" of snow, how nice is that?? I guess sometimes all you can do is just hunker down and ride it out!

Trish G. said...

Thanks for the pics. I just love blizzards and the way falling snow mutes sound. My fondest memories from living up north are of days that it snowed...and then the shoveling began. That sucks!

I'm glad to hear your are feeling better.

NMAMFQLMSH said... read that wrong. My bad.

AAwoken said...

I absolutely love people who can talk about dripping snot! My kind of people. NExt you'll say you are one of the TWO women on this earth that fart....