Thursday, December 21, 2006

Digging out

I shoveled last night - and still there was an additional 18 inches that fell over night.
My neighbor, God bless her, came over and helped me dig out.
Look at my trash cans - buried under feet of snow.
I never saw such a pile of snow!
Finally got it done.
Front Porch now.


Christine said...

thats an amazing amount of snow!

hope you take it easy tho, God put you on your butt for awhile now---

Anonymous said...

Mc, this reminds me of the first year I owned a house in MN. Bought the house in April and then when it started to snow one afternoon in Oct. I realized I better go get a shovel and got the last one at Target. It snowed and snowed and snowed until we had 38 inches!!
I had also volunteered to shovel for my 89 year old neighbor when I first moved in (and there was no snow :D )
I shoveled until I thought I was gonna freak out. Looks like you have done the same amount of work.
Glad you have a warm, snuggy home to go into and some good program pals to call.
Stay dry,

Dying for a Drink said...

In the UK, two inches of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt! It looks so pretty, but I don't envy you trying to carry on a normal life in it!

Stop shovelling and stay warm - remember you're only just getting over a bad back! (nag nag nag!)

Al-Anon Lifer said...

Sorry to hear you got sick... I'm finally well now that I can't go anywhere. But guess what? There's no place I'd rather be than snowbound with my sober hubby and healthy grown daughter who is baking cookies... so why did I pick this week to do a cleanse??? Me want a cookie bad :-(

Sober @ Sundown said...

I love the silence during a winter storm. I miss that and the crunching on new snow with each footstep. Other than that, I'm glad it you up there instead of me.....

Pics look awesome.

Redhead Gal said...

My kids would kill for this. A white Christmas! You are so lucky.

Anonymous said...


Trudging said...

Yeegads girlfriend! I do wish we had a little white here though. Maybe not as much white as you have.

Scott said...

man, y'all got hammered, wow! I havent seen snow like that since we lives southwest of buffalo in the snow belt.... I am glad ya had help diggin out! I love the sounds of silence after a big ole snowfall! I kinda miss that. I finally own a functioning snowblower, so we're getting rain and temps in the 60's go figure! lol