Friday, December 29, 2006


This may be the best $30. I have spent in years. These things strap on the bottoms of your shoes and are like tire chains for your feet. Yesterday I was able to walk around on snow and ice - just like it was dry pavement! Thank God! I purchased them yesterday when the snow started falling and I got the last pair in the store.

This is a picture I took through my window last night. The amount of snow we have is just ridiculous. I could post picture after picture, but frankly, they get a little boring after a while. It is not supposed to stop snowing until Sunday. I don't have to work, by decree of the Governor, again today.

I am so grateful that I have a nice warm house to stay in. I was able to get enough food to get me through. I might run out of milk, but for a middle-aged woman who lives alone, that is not exactly a tragedy. I have wonderful neighbors and we really help each other. I spent 3 hours shoveling snow last night - and I am waiting for the Motrin to kick in now before I get back out there and shovel what has fallen over night. Last night when I wasn't shoveling, I was on the phone. My phone kept ringing and ringing. I love that! Well, I should clarify - I love it when it is friends and family (and former boyfriends) calling.

This is a storm unlike anything I have ever seen. And please keep in mind that I have lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Chicago, and the last 25 years in Colorado. Not exactly the sunbelt! I don't expect to get my car out of here for days. Thank GOD I can walk with my little YakTrax strapped to my boots! If I go completely stir crazy, I can walk around the neighborhood or to the nearby gas station (if they are open.)

"Service, gladly rendered, obligations squarely met, troubles well accepted or solved with God's help, the knowledge that at home or in the world outside we are partners in a common effort, the well-understood fact that in God's sight all human beings are important, the proof that love freely given surely brings a full return, the certainty that we are no longer isolated and alone in self-constructed prisons, the surety that we need no longer be square pegs in round holes but can fit and belong in God's scheme of things -- these are the permanent and legitimate satisfactions of right living for which no amount of pomp and circumstances, no heap of material possessions, could possible be substitutes. True ambition is not what we thought it was. True ambition is the deep desire to live usefully and walk humbly under the grace of God." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 124- 125


Lex-Sunshine said...

You sound so content, even with all the snow! : ) That looks like the promises at work to me! : ) Have a wonderful (even if it is snowed in) New Year!

Anonymous said...

Mary Christine, I'm going to tell my boyfriend's parents (who live in Kansas) about those Yak Trax.

316 days sober here.


Pam said...

Yak Trax....bless your heart! We just need flip flops ;-) So nice to hear that it is still warm in your house as well as your heart.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Stay warm, maybe you can join the meeting tomorrow. It was good today, phone conference calls being a little wierd. The number is on my blog. It's long distance, but that's better than no meeting at all.

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite, favorite, favorite passage from our literature. "the certainty that we are no longer isolated and alone in self-constructed prisons" makes me just want to jump up and down.

Mary Christine said...

The image of Scott jumping up and down just makes a great big grin appear on my face!

Shannon said...

post more pics I wanna see. You have been on my mind since yesterday. I glad to read how positive you sound!
My dad lives in Denver and he is not so positive ha!

have a good one MC... hugs

NMAMFQLMSH said... are such a strong woman! I love you,