Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

I am super happy to be heading back to the gym this morning, then back to work. I hope to have a salad for lunch. I hope to get back to some austerity. I have had it with the wretched excess that Christmas ends up being - if you socialize at all.... which, thank God, I do today.

I took the picture above at the park where I "ran" yesterday. I put the "run" in "quotes" because you can see what I was "running" on, it was hazardous! I went 10 days without running and yesterday afternoon, I just couldn't take it anymore. I went to the park and managed to log 3 very slow miles. While trying to get around someone on the trail, we both looked up and realized we knew each other! I ran into an AA friend on the trail! We talked for a minute, and when I walked away I thought about our conversation and realized he is drinking. That is so sad because he is such a neat young man. I talked to his sponsor last night and he confirmed that this wonderful young man IS drinking again. I will pray that he finds his way back to the rooms.

I had a very nice Christmas. It is wonderful to have small children around on Christmas. It is wonderful to have a church to go to on Christmas. It is wonderful to be able to hit a 6:30 a.m. meeting on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning - and a 5:30 p.m. meeting on Christmas Day. It is wonderful to have the phone ring so many times, because there are people who care enough to call me.

Well, I am heading out of here now to the gym... I will enjoy it now because I have to avoid that place for the first 6 weeks of the year - with all the "resolutioners". I always wish them the best and I am glad they are there, but they sure do crowd up the place and then they vanish after the middle of February.

"We did not always come closer to wisdom by reason of our virtues; our better understanding is often rooted in the pains of our former follies. Because this has been the essence of our individual experience, itis also the essence of our experience as a fellowship." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 31


Scott said...

lol resolutioners... I don't suppose I am one of them, but I am trying liek the dickens to get myself back in shape, and have been doing well at the Y for a few weeks now! That cracks me up.. It's the same as how I saw other partiers on New Years Eve: amateur night! lol funny stuff! I'm glad you're out and about, and back at it.

Anonymous said...

"resolutioners" hahahaha
That may prompt a response on my list for tomorrow.
Glad you're well again and getting out and about.

Trudging said...

Wonderful picture! I hope you have a great day at work.


I glad your Christmas went well. I'm glad you are feeling better. I will pray for your friend who went out.

Sober Chick said...

How do you run in stuff like that? Do you have to wear cleats?